Marine III by Sumie García Hirata

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Linde is an exploration of memory, nostalgia and the inevitability of oblivion. The memory is the attempt to retain the past in the present, bringing to another time something that has already been. Memories are presented as projections that intermingle, reappear and disappear, defining and giving meaning to individual existence.


Photography is an extension of individual memory and a support that refers the realness in the past, immobilizing time and providing clues to reconstruct what has been lived. The embroidery, evoking and destroying the image, evidence and modify the essence of the medium, adding a new dimension and transcending the limits of the frame. In this way, the image stops representing only what has been, the time stops being stuck and the representation is subjectivized.

Piece: Marine I
Creator: Sumie García
Origin: Mexico City
Production date: 2015
Materials: Glicée on intervened paper with thread
Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm