Imagined City Lamp (large) by Luisa Restrepo

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Imagined City is a collection of unique handblown glass lamps, produced by the designers Diego Vides Borrell and Luis Restrepo Moreno for Ángulo Cero. The collection explores and contrasts the urban morphology of Mexico City and the city that everyone imagines.


Through Imagined City the designers seek to address the deconstruction of a 'real' space from a personal experience, transforming it into a fictional and personal place. The recognizable maps change with each proposal, idea and dream of the city we want, thus creating new urban structures from the sections of the city that we circulate, the ones we remember most and have become part of our memory.


The lamps emulate clouds that float in a space, seeking to explore the dichotomy between the real space we inhabit and the imaginary that inhabits us. Taking advantage of the transparency of the glass, it is combined, contrasted and overlaped the need and the desire, the real and the imaginary. The urban frames used for the sand engraving on glass, are sections of different areas of Mexico City, including Lomas, Polanco, Condesa, Barranca del Muerto, Reforma and Del Valle.

Piece: Imagined City lamp (large)
Creator: Diego Vides Borrell y Luisa Restrepo
Production date: 2016
Production place: Oaxaca and Mexico City
Materials: Blown and engraved glass, brass, cork and wood
Demensions: 60cm x 16cm