Claw Earrings by Private: MOHE

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Chloe divided her jewelry collections in chapters. Each chapter contains a story that relates to the life of a woman. It all depends in what chapter of your life you’re living, her jewelry will complement and help you show a part of your own story.



Chapter 4: CLAW



“Their bodies find each other in the water and melt into one. The fabric of her dress dances around them to the rhythm of the tide. Specks of fluorescent algae dot the dark sea with their soft, blue glow—they could be swimming in the sky.”



Nature is as raw and intoxicating as love. She is at home in the wild; there, she can revel in the passions and selfish desires of her animal side.

Piece: Claw Earrings
Creator: Chloe Amutio
Production Origin: Mexico City
Materials: 9.5 Of Sterling Silver/ 22K Gold Plated & Agate
Edition: Open