Under the creative direction of the industrial designer Ricardo Casas, Shelf was born as a platform for collaborations between designers of different disciplines.


Shelf arises from the need to seek a commercial opening for all the design developments and explorations done in the Design Studio RCD (Ricardo Casas Design).


Shelf launches its first collection in February of 2016 with pieces of RCD (Ricardo Casas Design) and collaborations between Ricardo Casas and Iker Ortiz (IK Joyeros), Orfeo Quagliata (Studio Orfeo Quagliata), Vanessa Guckel (Cihua), Mónica Ibarra (Monalola), Marco Villas Mateo, Rodrigo Tovar (Sociedad Anónima), Isauro Huizar, Chapas y Tableros Finos, among others.


The second collection was launched in February of 2017 including collaborations with Marco Colín and Isauro Huizar, also retaking alliances with Iker Ortiz.


RCD Studio have had the opportunity to participate in various interior and product projects in Mexico and in Europe, such as the project "Bésame Mucho" in Milan, Italy, as well as in the most important design fairs worldwide, developing projects in collaboration with important architect firms and contemporary artists in Mexico.