The Plastiglomerate Ring 09 by Poleta Rodete

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Poleta's pieces are characterized by her handmade works with stones like marble and granite, which in its natural state respond to changes and everyday emotions. Despite being hard materials, they have memory; the designer reads the material, participating in a dialogue while working on them. To Poleta, rocks represent the bones of the earth; therefore she decided to get deeper into this subject to create The Plastiglomerate Collection, commissioned by Ángulo Cero, exploring topics such as geology and land formation.
That was how she approached the plastiglomerate , a new type of rock found along some coastlines, which is formed by melting waste plastic debris and mixed with rock materials and minerals, strongly highlighting how man has transformed the land, what some geologists call the Anthropocene Era.
Trying to emulate the aesthetic characteristics of the plastiglomerate, Poleta went through a long process of development and testing by mixing limestone, marble, granite, epoxy resin and plastic waste to create a new material which is the main component of this collection.
Piece: The Plastiglomerate Ring 09
Creator: Poleta Rodete
Production Date: 2014
Origin: Mexico
Materials: Silver and marble
Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm
Size: 7 1/2
Edition: Unique Piece