La Cantinera by Studio Cardinal

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The Mexican canteen has become the portrait of a refuge without borders and social classes for those who enter the pleasant atmosphere and decadent splendor. It is a magical place with a discreet façade that sparks curiosity to discover delight and Mexican hedonism. Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of these rooms filled with folklore, "La Cantinera" takes the luxurious decoration of the golden age of Mexican canteen through a meticulous choice of materials such as walnut wood and traditional talavera from Puebla, paired with a graphic design that synchronizes with the current urban context. 
Lead time: 5 weeks.
Piece: La Cantinera
Creator: Studio Cardinal
Production Origin: Ciudad de México y Puebla
Materials: Walnut wood and Talavera
Dimensions: 57.4" x 26.7" x 19.6"
Edition: Open