Cruz Calaca Pin by Private: MOHE

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Chloe divides her jewelry collections in chapters. Each one contains a story that relates to the life of a woman. It all depends in what chapter of your life you’re living, her jewelry will complement and help you show a part of your own story.


Chapter 3: Cruz
“She opens her eyes to a room flooded in sunlight. She turns over and looks for him among a sea of white linen sheets, but he is standing at the foot of the bed. The day promises to be as perfect as the bowl of fresh tropical fruits he hands her.”
Life is more ordinary than people care to admit, but she is grateful for the bliss that sometimes hides in the magic of everyday moments—when she finds it there, she surrenders herself to every second.

Piece: Helena Skull Pin
Creator: MOHE
Origin: Mexico City
Weight: 2.5 g
Material: 9.5 sterling silver and sapphire