Terracota Coffee Dripper/Glass Pitcher by Studio José de la O

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The Glass Handless Pitcher was obsessively designed to get the perfect shape for holding and pouring water. It is entirely handmade by a skilled group of glass shapers that operate in a family-owned workshop in México City.

Its complement, the Terracota Water Filter, inspired by traditional water coolers from Tlacotalpan, México, where clay containers were used to filter, cool and transport drinkable water before plastic was introduced in this region.

The terracota filter works as an sponge for some of the salts contained in the water, making it taste sweeter, lighter and fresher.


Studio José de la O collaborated with craftsmen from Tlacotalpan to design this terracota filter and lid, experimenting with different clay mixes native from the region. While innovating with new production processes that help reduce the artisan’s time and effort, they also preserve the craft’s tradition.

Piece: Terracota Coffee Dripper/Glass Pitcher
Creator: José de la O
Origin: Mexico City and Tlacotalpan
Materials: Terracota, glass and leather
Dimensions: 30 cm x 9.5 cm Ø (12" x 3.7" Ø)