Fool's Gold Earrings by Private: MOHE

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Chloe divides her jewelry collections in chapters. Each one contains a story that relates to the life of a woman. It all depends in what chapter of your life you’re living, her jewelry will complement and help you show a part of your own story.


Chapter 2: Fool's Gold

Upturned fishing barges line the beach. She walks towards one of them and leans against its hull. An inexplicable melancholy overcomes her, but the warmth of his touch pulls her back. Her smile meets his and they tumble unto the moonlit sand in each other’s embrace.

She is well-acquainted with the fickle nature of happiness and love. She knows that the quest for either is a fool’s errand, but she longs for them anyway.

Piece: Fool's Gold Earrings
Creator: MOHE
Production: Mexico City
Weight: 1.5 g
Material: 2 pyrites and 9.5 sterling silver