Crater I by Sumie García Hirata

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The landscape, that subjective selection of a spatial-temporal fragment of the natural or cultural environment, has been a means of appropriation and understanding of a particular context, which responds to the need to grasp and contain it materially for posterity. Beyond its aesthetic or contemplative qualities, the representation of the landscape has to do with the artist's sense of belonging and "being-there".


In the series Crater, Sumie García emphasizes textures and geometries of the landscape through the intervention with thread, abstracting the memory and guiding the observer's glance towards the built memory. The threads become an extension of the composition and suggest an emancipation of the memory given by the camera to insert the one that arises from the experience itself.


Likewise, the intangible in the photograph becomes visible: the movement. In this series, the thread subtly traces the progression of light, wear and tear on rocks, traces of snowmelt or the swaying of water.

Piece: Crater I
Creator: Sumie García
Origin: Mexico City
Date of production: 2017
Materials: Glicée on intervened paper with thread
Dimensions: 50 x 26 cm