Contenedor ll by Ana Gómez

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Consumption as synonymous of happiness, disposable as synonymous of modernity and the adoption of new habits as an illusion of progress. Three ideas that shaped almost unconsciously, a post-war consumer society, which consciously, are suggested in the work of Ana Gómez. Knowing the role of food in the value-added game of consumption, in which the nutritional value becomes secondary, the Disposible series uses installation and ready made to dissect our relationship with food.
This cultural, economic and nutritional exchange, which leaves behind tons of garbage, children and adults with overweight problems and the perception that "with four more pesos" we can feed better with "large fries and soda", allows Ana to play with the idea that such wastes, both physycal and emotional, can also be transformed  and moved to a symbolic plane, just like consumption. This reflection happens naturally by the recontextualization of materials and revision of customs. The result is a series of installations full of irony, that seek to create an atmosphere and explore the transformation of the artwork in a contemporary social and cultural exchange.
Piece: Container ll (1 piece)
Creator: Ana Gómez
Production origin: Mexico City
Materials: High temperature ceramic , enamel and gold lacquer
Dimensions: 23 cm x 23 cm x 4 cm
Edition: Open