BR-STG Ring by Iker Ortiz

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This is the first collection of brass pieces coated with a 18k gold or coated with black rhodium.

Iker Ortíz's new collection is inspired by the ArtDeco movement. 

Colors and geometric shapes are the main feature that characterizes this release. This is how the new pieces, rings and culflinks, are "adorned"with vertical and horizaontal lines creating textures with two different finishing, polished or mate. 

Metal is solely used for some pieces, while in others are combined it with white corian. 

The result is a collection of unconventional geometrical pieces with a contemporary feel and strong lines.

Design and quality is a crucial feature in the manifacture of these pieces that can be found here, as well as the rest of the collection.


Piece: BR-STG Ring
Creator: Iker Ortíz
Production Date: 2016
Origin: Mexico
Materials: Studded brass ring plated with yellow gold
Dimensions: 9
Edition: Unique