Ambar Ring by Private: MOHE

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Chloe divided her jewelry collections in chapters. Each chapter contains a story that relates to the life of a woman. It all depends in what chapter of your life you’re living, her jewelry will complement and help you show a part of your own story.


Chapter 6: Amber


“I love you, who ever you are,” he whispers in her ear. The dawn caresses her hair with a soft breeze and a smile breaks across her face. In this moment, on this balcony facing sea and sky, their love is as new as the sun’s first amber rays.”

Like the sun, joy and sorrow enter and leave our lives in an eternal cycle. Her life is a patchwork of bittersweet moments that now belong to the past and to her heart.


Piece: Amber Ring
Creator: MOHE
Production: Mexico City
Weight: 7G
Material: 1 Amber, 9.5 Sterling Silver/ 22K Gold Plated