by Montserrat Castañón
December 14, 2014
First Collections of Ángulo Cero: "The Plastiglomerate Collection" by Poleta Rodete, "Fruit Tenants" by Rodrigo Red Sandoval, "Levels" by Cooperativa Panorámica and "Extra-Ordinary Line" by Karla Sotres.
Ángulo Cero is a project that gathers many years of work, experience, curiosity and, above all, talents. Our goal is to establish meaningful connections between people seeking inspiration, beauty and stories to tell; and creators dedicated to explore, experiment and express their vision of the world through objects.
We are a platform dedicated to art and design. Each of our pieces have been carefully selected and produced to conquer the look, mind and sensations of our customers. Here you will find objects with different stories, that appeal to the senses and allow a degree of identification with whomever owns or observes them.
We encourage collectecting but above all, we encourage creative production in Latin America. My greatest passions have always been art and design, especially in the points both meet and converge. In life the best results are always triggered by union and dialogue. As the artist Fito Espinosa says, "the magic lies in the intersection."
Ángulo Cero is moved precisely by the intersections and interstices between art and design. We propose a space for creation but also for reflection of both disciplines, from beauty and functionality, that are part of everyday becoming.
Ángulo Cero is a sum of efforts. I thank each and every one of the people who supported this project in different ways; mainly to all the creators who have ventured in participating with us at this early stage: Poleta Rodete, Karla Sotres, Red Rodrigo Sandoval, Cooperativa Panorámica, Studio Cardinal, Gosbinda Vizarretea, Luis Orozco Madero, Sumie García Hirata and Víctor Pérez-Rul. In addition, I thank in advance those that will surely join this family.
To all of you, thank you very much.
Montserrat Castañón
Founder and Creative Director