Nomade Atelier

NOMADE ATELIER is a workshop founded by French –Moroccan architect Ismael Bachri (1984) and Mexican visual artist Diana Quintero Vallejo (1982) in late 2012 in Mexico City.


After inheriting a wood workshop, both parties decided putting to good use the knowledge and tools they had acquired in their own professions and they set out to channel their restlessness into the creation of a studio that did open projects. These projects would involve a team interested in art, architecture and the richness of natural materials with the sole purpose of creation. A month later NOMADE ATELIER was born.


The workshop is made up of a small base team; nonetheless, the collaborations involve a large number of hands in the each project. They accomplished these projects by seeking to contribute with ideas, their objective is to further the development and production of design and art in Mexico. The top priority is to entice a collaboration of ideas and work in each project while being conducive of the individual’s wellbeing above all. These projects also seek to create ripples in the common benefit while contributing in the development of creative engines and quality in Mexico. 


For Nomade Atelier each project becomes a challenge represented in the constant experimentation of new materials and the possibility of using set materials on their next idea. Each one of their pieces is created with natural materials taking care in highlighting the richness of the craftsmanship of the Mexican laborers. This is achieved by collaborating with small family-run workshops who have inherited their craft generation after generation.By working close-handedly with people that who have such different ideas and needs from the workshop, the team has been enriched and pushed into new creative planes. Every piece they create contains passion, devotion and care that each individual brings to the table.