Manuel Muñoz G.G.

Manuel Muñoz Gomez Gallardo was born in Mexico City in 1982. He comes from a family of artists, architects and designers, so from an early age he began to make art. He studied at the Chelsea College of Arts and Design in London, where he graduated with honours from the Bachelor of Fine Arts. Shortly after graduating he became the first Mexican member of the RBS (Royal British Society of Sculptors). After many years of living in Great Britain he returned to Mexico to execute a project of monumental sculptures in the Sonoran desert.

He has focused on the creation of sculpture/installation that produce an aesthetic encounter and a new corporeal experience between the spectator and his surroundings. The experience pretends that the viewer detaches himself from his particular and concrete visual reality to give way to the proliferation of the other senses.

The pieces fundamentally touches themes of visual perception, environment and harmony of materials, and even of proportion. Let the sense of materiality, plasticity and gravity lead to a sensory proliferation. His particularity of order, of structure, of weight, of detail and of office, contributes to the creation of a visual paradigm that makes emerge the emotional participation of the observer, taking into account both his conscious intentions and his unconscious ways.

The objective of all this creative process is the emergence of a plastic and spatial experience anchored in an existential base, from which the spectator projects himself as the creator of his own experience.