Lucía Prudencio

She graduated from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, “La Esmeralda”. During her studies she specialized in graphics and ceramics. She is currently producing her own work and teaches textile engraving in workshops in the cities of Xalapa and Oaxaca. Her work has been in several exhibitions in Mexico City and abroad. She has received numerous scholarships: from the University of Veracruz (2008), Hivos, Doen and Arts Colaboratory Foundation (2008) and the program Stimulus for the Creation and Artistic Development of Veracruz (2012). Her work has been selected in several national and international contests. In 2012, she taught herself in the specialization of textile engraving and in 2014, creates alongside Andrea Prudencio the brand Pol&Pol, project in which she is currently working.