José María Balmaceda

José María Balmaceda knows this from the core of his self, and he feels a great passion about the distinct universes that inhabit inside of each being. When he mixes this with his love for textiles, Balamaceda Studio is born (2017) to take over the mission of creating custom made artesanal rugs that will always try to connect people through textile design.


He creates bonds with his clients while making unique designs that transmit his personal imaginary through the creation of -one of a kind/client collaboration- pieces, which bring their homes the cozy sensation that only a special rug can give.


Connecting directly with the artesans, their families and communities, José María gets to know the story behind every piece. He has stretched the hands that fabric and wove the fibers that give life to excellent quality rugs brought from India and Nepal to dress elegantly each of his clients homes.