Karla Sotres
Karla Sotres is a ceramist and Mexican designer based in Rome. She focuses her work on the relationship between design and its context, collective and individual creative methodologies and aesthetic experimentation with artisanal manufacturing processes, tools of medium technology and soft materials like clay, food, textiles and wood.
The ordinary and the extraordinary are the concepts that have driven her as a designer. She is interested in the creation of functional objects intimately related with daily life in a subtle dialogue with extraordinary areas such as art and craft. She is a supporter of the evolution of technologies, only if they relate to their territory and culture.
For Karla, design is an everyday action, it provides answers to real needs, but it is also sublime when the aesthetic desires are beyond the physical needs. She approaches the materials in a very natural way, trying to understand their inner nature. Her work has been exhibited in different contemporary ceramic biennials in Mexico City and soon in 2015 in Andenne, Belgium.