Rodrigo Red Sandoval
Rodrigo Red Sandoval is a Mexican artist and designer who currently lives in Glasgow. With a background in design, philosophy and art, he is a FONCA scholar and has had more than a dozen national and international exhibitions including "Unpainted" curated by The Neon Rex Project in Munich, Germany. He was selected for a portfolio review, with the prospect for future projects, by the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) in Mexico City, as well as won several awards including 1st place at the Nokia Design Awards.
Rodrigo has sought to embody in his work the spirit of constructed realities, combining sculpture, architectural installations and photography. He plays with shapes, spaces and colors in geometric and architectural arrangements of large format, made from furniture, objects and human forms; aiming to generate both perceptual and phenomenological responses within observers as well as aspiring to awaken the sense of our physical space and the role it plays as a catalyst for personal and narrative response.
The three-dimensional quality of his work suggests new universes through chaotic collisions of colors, shapes and spaces. It continually deconstructs the experiences of architecture and sculpture, questioning the perception of space and material through the dissolution of boundaries and collision of disciplines.